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The Best At Home Teeth Whitening Methods

Teeth whitening at home is the most affordable way to get the pearly teeth and the brilliant smile. White teeth show a sign of good health and make you look young and attractive. Choosing the best at home teeth whitening method give you an enchanting smile and increase your self-confidence and the chances of success in your personal and professional life. Even if your teeth are healthy and you follow all the rules of dental hygiene, staining and discoloration always makes your smile less attractive and add years to your appearance.

The Best At Home Teeth Whitening Methods

Teeth whitening paste

The simpler a method is the less effective it may be. For example, whitening toothpaste is the simplest, cheapest and most common teeth whitening solution, but it can only remove surface discoloration and lighten up the teeth by just a couple of shades. Some whitening toothpaste may be more effective than others, but on the whole, they cannot give you the desired whitening results you may efficient.gfdgdfgfdgd

Teeth whitening strips

Whitening strips are a more efficient way of home teeth whitening as they can lighten up the teeth by several shades. They are cheaper than whitening kits, are available in most high street stores, and are easy to use. The problem is that they often don’t fit well over the teeth, especially on small or large jaws as they are one-size-fits-all.

Teeth whitening kits

The most effective way of teeth whitening at home can be the use of a quality whitening kit. Whitening kits are the closest to the method and the results of in-surgery whitening. They contain customizable mouth trays for the even application of the whitening gel to the teeth, while some of them come with a blue laser light for faster results. Also, they contain either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide at concentration levels that do not harm the enamel or cause sensitivity of the teeth, or irritation of the gums. As whitening kits are the most efficient home teeth whitening method, you should have the following facts in mind when choosing one.

  • Reliable brand – Opt for a product that has been on the market for long is proven to work and has received positive reviews and testimonials.
  • Safety is crucial. High-quality whitening kits are mild on the teeth, and they do not contain more than 15% carbamide peroxide or 6% of hydrogen peroxide.
  • Get a whitening kit that can offer you several shades of lighter teeth.sfsdgdgdfgfd

Price is also important, but it does not mean that an expensive whitening kit works better than a less expensive one. Products that are very popular because of their quality, safety, and effectiveness, and sell a large number of kits are rarely very expensive