Sexual Health

The health of a woman is viewed as the health of the entire community. This is because women nurture children and also their husbands making them imperative. When compared to men, women’s sexual health has deteriorated substantially, and women are facing more challenges. Although there are severe health issues that face women, there are also challenges that can be managed, but a large part of the society is ignorant on how to manage these conditions.

Women’s sexual health

Women manage our homes

ssWhen they are not feeling well, then the entire home is affected. Women tend to concern themselves with the health of their partners and children and neglect their health. This makes it crucial for governments in different regions to sensitive the society on the various issues that affect the sexual health of women.

A majority of women are ignorant of the different ways that they can manage their sexual health

The curriculums in our schools have failed to address the topic. Subsequently, the government and health facilities have the primary responsibility to educate both men and women on the sexual health issues faced by women.

Although there are ailments that cannot be managed, a majority of the ailments suffered by women can be managed if detected early enough. For instance, cancer can be controlled if it is detected early. However, many people do not know how to identify the symptoms of this ailment. Consequently, a majority of women with cancer report the condition when it is very late, making it hard for them to be cured.

Sexual health is a sensitive topic

dfsdPeople shy away from discussing and addressing the issues in this area. One can only get information about sexual health from medical facilities or campaigns. When information is not disseminated properly, then a lot of people are left in the dark. Health is a major issue, and it should be addressed without any form of fear. Since sexual health cannot be discussed in homes, the government has the responsibility to educate people on the subject.

Women’s sexual health has been neglected for some time

There has been emphasis placed on the health issues that affect the entire society. This has led to the increasing sexual health concerns facing women. The government has the sole responsibility to sensitize the community on the different issues facing the women. This will assist to reduce and manage the problems in this area. The article highlights why it is imperative for the government and other health related bodies to sensitize the society on the topic and how this can be achieved.