The song in the video above is titled [same as the book] "mending broken" and was a collaborative project between Teresa and the ever-talented songstress & guitarist Peyton Davis. Enjoy!





Feel free to contact Teresa with any questions, ideas, creative inspirations, or difficult pathways.  You can reach her at : tbpasquale[at]gmail[dot]com

Her greatest hope is to share her own journey and provide support to others on their own bumpy roads of faith and life, mind and body and spirit. 

In daily life she is part therapist, part yogini and yoga teacher, part mentor and ministry co-creator, part speaker and teacher, complete animal lover, as well as all around lover of all things creative and inspirational. 

She works to live in her own life true to her own "crooked" mystic path and to live in the space where contemplation and action come together--that liminal space between and in the midst of everything.  It is a work in progress. Like all of life.